Install & Set Suprema Passport Reader Driver

Install & Set Suprema Passport Reader Driver 

Virgo Technical Support team welcomes all inquiries and is ready to provide free technical support to install and set the reader, through direct access to technical support: 

define electronic reader on your computer : 
Download the file from the link below :

After downloading the driver, Open it from Downloads .


Your Device might have windows protection ,in this case click on More info and Run anyway .

Then click Next ,and Finish .

Then ,Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Suprema\RealPass\RealPassSDK_V1.9.7 

and open tool folder .

And setup the 3 Application in order .

the first one .

the second one :

the third one 

Mark the sign click Install and Finish.

After 3 applictions are setup ,go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Suprema\RealPass\RealPassSDK_V1.9.7\Driver .

if your device is 64 bt setup the 64 bt application ,and if it is 32 bt install the 32 application .

Then ,From Start Menu ,Search for Realpass UXDemo and open it