Activate Visas

Activate Visas 

To activate visas ,There is two methods .
First Method : it requires vaccinations and passports copies to be inserted 
To insert passports you can read the Article from this link : How to insert Passports ?

And to insert vaccinations ,you can follow the next steps :

open the pilgrim's passport card, browse the vaccination and click Open .

Then ,right click on the vaccination and select Save as Vaccination Certificate .
and Click Modify.

we have to select a trip before activate visas

if there is no trip , create a trip from ( + ) as shown in figure 

Feed all trip details ( Airlines - Flight Number - Arrival Date - Arrival Destination - country of arrival ) , then click add

then we choose the trip and click modify 

Then ,From Group Card click Visas then Activate Visas .

And let Virgo Activate Visas ,Put Passport Copies and vaccinations automayically !