Activate and Print for new visa

Activate and Print for new Evisa



first, we open Virgo and add Evisa info in the contract
choose contracts from the interface.

Fill EVisa Data in contract

then, we open a group to apply for Evisa
choose search for the group

choose the group

 from Visas, click Activate Visas.

let virgo automatically do the long work ,you dont have to do anything ,till its finished and a message tells the visas activated for the selected passports shows up.


then , we have to make sure of visas status if its ready to print ,open the group and from "veiw" we choose "restore grid defaults to show visa status.

after we restore grid defaults , we notice visa status will appear , now we can print visas just if it is ready to print ,if its being reveiwed by the empassy or there is a problem with the site ,it will be obvious in "visa status" and you can inquire about it from the site to make sure of its status ,
you have to wait till its status is submitted on ministry of foreign affairs site .

search for visa from here :


Then ,we can print visa ,from "visas" selected the passports and from ""visas" choose "Print Original Visa".