How to use hotels window in case card

How to use hotels window in case card                  

To add hotels to Virgo offline system, follow the steps as written in the following link

to print hotels, report for pilgrims:

1- Open case card from (umrah menu>> case card) or press on case card icon directly

2- Create a new case card and insert the groups into it or open an old one to continue your job 

3- Select Hotels tap in case card then insert all hotels data, entry date and night count

4- Click on ‘’ apply to all ‘’ if you want to apply all data That have been identified to all passports

or click on’’ apply to selected’’ if you want to apply the data that have been identified to selected passports



5-Select the passports you want them to be in the same room then click on assign room

   Note: you can change the entered hotels data

              using assign hotels window

              like changing room type for the selected passports








Note: if “select family “option was selected then you select one passport for a male pilgrim, automatically will be selecting all muhram passports that related to this male pilgrim

5- To print hotel report, click on print Makkah hotel and print Madinah hotel


should not select a male passport with a woman group passport to assign room for them