Send Pilgrims to MOFA at E-Hajj Portal Site

Send Pilgrims to MOFA at E-Hajj Portal Site                                       


From menu choose Haj Data and Groups Then Haj Groups Details

Click Action Then Add Haj Group

Fill Up Group Details and check in Pledge

Filter Pilgrims by Group

Enter group name in tag filter,and groups will fitered

choose Select All,then choose Pilgrims and Click Create and Continue

Click Routes and select it then click Update Route Details

Click Housing Contracts then select House Provider and click Add Selected

Click Food Contracts then select Food Provider and click Add Selected

Back to Haj Groups Details choose Group and click Action Then Process Group

Make Refresh (F5)Then choose Group and click Action Then Generate Voucher

Make Refresh (F5) Then choose Group and click Action Then Make Payment

Check I accept terms and conditions then Click Pay Voucher

Group successfully sent and Waiting Establishment after some time will Approved