Virgo Offline Enjaz Manual

Virgo Offline Enjaz Manual                                     


Contract Preparation

Contract is the information needed for Virgo Offline to communicate with Enjaz web services.

To add or modify a contract choose Contracts from upper menu

then click New to make new contract.

Choose a Name for Contract and Account Type (Enjaz) and fill up all needed data

Enjaz Account information (User Name, Password and E-Wallet) & Company Name

Then click Add to save the contract details

Below buttons allow to Browse, Modify or Delete stored contracts

Login to Enjaz

Click Enjaz from upper menu and then click Login

Choose Enjaz Contract and fill up photo code and click Login

Note If Photo Code not appear, check internet connection and click Refresh 

Post and Print new Enjaz Visa Application

Click Enjaz from upper menu and then click Application Card

Note fill up all visa application details that needed same as Enjaz site requirement depend on Visa Type