Editing photos and using Virgo Scan

Editing photos and using Virgo Scan                                   


You can add and edit pilgrims’ images by the following methods

Method 1 – By passport card

Click on Change Picture

To choose the desired photo, click on Import From Scanner or Import From File

Then click Crop!

Then click add if it’s a new passport

or click on modify to edit passport data

photo will be saved by pilgrim passport number at the default photos path of the program


Note be sure that all pilgrims photos saved in white background color, resolution of nearly 80 DPI, jpg format and in the default path of program photos



Method 2- By photo editor program like Photoshop

Virgo Offline allows to directly edit photos using any photo editor program like Photoshop

To choose the path of editing photo program, enter to Others -> System Settings

Choose the path then click OK

Then you can edit photo by click on Photoshop icon next to the pilgrim photo

Editing program will open, edit photo as you want and it will be saved at the same name in the pre-existing folder


Method 3 – By Virgo Scan

Virgo Scan allows to import photos from scanner or from a file, edit them and save in the desired folder of photos.

Enter to Virgo Scan from main menu Scan Photos.


Click on Settings to choose the scanner and the resolution (80DPI needed)

Then click Ok

Click on Import From File in case the images are saved on the device to be entered to the program

Or click on Import From Scanner to import images from Scanner

Photo Path: Virgo Offline saves the images in its specific folder without the need to choose a folder to save the images

In the of case Photos Path was chosen. The program will save the images in the exact path and the images folder of the program together

Adjust the frame around the photo then click Save or F2

Left click on the next image and a window will appear to enter passport number

To automatically adjust the frames around photos, click on Auto Crop and a save photo window will appear sequentially to each photo

Enter passport number and press Enter to verify the name of the pilgrim... you can also click on save directly to save the image and move to the next image

Press Enter again to save and move to the next image automatically

You can move to the next photo or return to the previous one through the arrows


Method 4- The new version of Virgo Scan “2016 Version”

Enter to Virgo Scan from main menu Photos

Click on Settings and choose 2016 Version

Then click Ok

To save settings, close Virgo Offline and re-open it again

Virgo Scan “Version 2016” allows all features that Virgo Scan supported in addition to the below features:

-   -Rotate image +15 degrees

-   -Rotate image -15 degrees

     -Rotate image +1 degrees

     -Rotate image -1 degrees

     -Reverse image

     -Overturned image

     -Zoom in and zoom out image

Note auto crop feature isn’t available in 2016 Version and it’s under development


Possible errors

-Error message will appear

“Cannot create file \\Photos\123456.jpg”

This error appears if the selected photo path isn’t existing. So, you have to choose photo path correctly

-Error message will appear

“Fail setting resolution”

This error appears if the selected resolution wrong. So, you have to set resolution to 80DPI

-Error message will appear

“The parameter is incorrect”

If this error appears, enter to Virgo Offline folder and delete cfg.ini file

Then reset scan settings

-Error message will appear

“Please select a scanner”

You have to choose the correct scanner from settings