Bus Report Print

Bus Report Print                                          

To print Bus Report, you should enter to main window, then choose from upper menu (Umrah > Case Card)

The name of case card is chosen

Then we Insert Group or Passport to be printed in one of the following ways

From the Passport menu, we choose to Insert Group or Insert passport or through the buttons below

Or right click the grid

then click OK

Note: You can merge more than group within the same Case by choosing the option to Insert Group again and select the desired group

After inserting the passports and groups click Add to save the case

Note: Return to the case again by clicking Find case

And click OK

Is selected the passports to be printed Bus Report for it

Note: you cannot add same group/passport twice in a group.

After you insert the groups,from Bus Reports tab choose Print Bus Report, then click Print Bus Report

The screen will appear for special printing Bus Report