Get Border Number from Bab ALUmrah

Get Border Number from Bab ALUmrah                           


Enter Bab Al Umrah website

Choose from upper menu (Reports > Mutamer ELM Data All)

Note If no window is shown, you need to allow pop-ups from site

type the group number then click Get Report

In Virgo Offline open the same group, select all Mutamers in the group then click Import MOFA

These columns can be verified in the EXCEL file

Import window will show where you can browse for the Excel exported file

Select BAU template

Columns are (Passport Number = D, MOFA =G, Border Number or (MOI No)=F)

Where cancel import only MOFA option 

After making sure that columns choices are correct according to the file, Click Import

MOFA and border numbers will appear in the group as shown

Note If MOFA numbers or border numbers aren’t displayed, click Refresh

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