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Create & Restore data backup

Create & Restore data backup                               


Backup & Restoring functions used to keep your data safe when something wrong happens (Data deleted, Windows failed, or moving to a new PC).

Virgo Offline saves your data by generating automatic backup each time you close the program.

Note: The default Backup folder path is


Creating a backup manually:

From upper menu >> File >> Backup, Click on Backup.

Then choose a location to save the Backup file.

To save Photos and Reports, you have to make a manual backup by copy both Photos and Reports folders, then paste them on a safe location (USB Driver, CD driver, or External Hard disk).

Note: The default Photos & Reports folders path is



Restoring backup:

From upper menu >> File >> Restore Backup, Click on Restore Backup.

Then choose the Backup file you want to restore or choose the last backup that was created from the default Backup folder path “D:\Virgo\VirgoOffline\Backup”.

A warning note message will appear, click OK to start the process.

Restoring status will appear on the bottom bar.

Information note message will appear, Backup restored successfully.