Import Group from Way To Umrah

Import Group from Way to Umrah                               


Open Site Then from Reports Choose Groups then Group Status

Then choose Display Record then click on group name

Then click on Generate Offline File

Then go to Virgo , from Group Card Choose Import and Import From way to urmrah and choose Text File.

Then Choose file and click open

Another Steps

Enter Way to Umrah website

From side menu choose (Reports > MOFA > MOFA Report)

Select the wanted group, then click Display Record

Click Export to Excel in the bottom of page to download exported MOFA file

Save file window will appear

In Virgo Offline open the same group, select all Mutamers in the group

From Import menu choose Import from Way to Umrah then select MOFA File


Selectthe contract and browse MOFA file that already downloaded then click Import

There will be confirmation message box

“Import Done”

And group will be imported successfully as shown