Send Group to TAWAF

Send Group to Tawaf                                           

Virgo Offline sends the photos of the Umrah directly to the UASP 

Important notes to ensure that the process successfully:

1. Be sure that your personal photos are updated with a white background and don't contain any stamp or symbols on the photo.

2. You can put personal photo within the default photos folder of the program (Photos) or choose the path of an external photo folder so that the photos are named with passport numbers, and the program automatically links photos with passport data within it.

3. Don't worry about the processing and modification of photos manually, where the program automatically adjusts and processing photos when sending and adding a copy of the modified photos in a folder (Uploads) after the upload process, in accordance to the standards of the site of Saudi Arabia and UASP, so that the size of the photo between 3 and 18 KB and dimensions under 200 pixels and JPG format.

4. The default folder path for the program is


5. The path of the folder of photos sent to the UASP is


you can find the way to edit and modify personal photos through the following link:  How to edit and modify photos?

There are only one methods to send a group to Tawaf UASP as website directly is automatically selected when chosen Tawaf UASP in the contract

Make sure correct contract is selected then click Send to Tawaf

To learn how to set contract parameters enter this link

open the Group window and find the desired group

Select the group

Make sure correct contract is selected then click Send to Tawaf.

Tawaf sender will open and insert Captcha and click OK

then click Start and try two times then insert details and click Save

will start insert passports and photos