Import group from TAWAF

Import Group from Tawaf                               


Enter TAWAF website

Under Statics menu, choose Main Statics then enter to Statics System window


Click on Got MOFA window


Check box the wanted group and click Print MOFA Excel icon


Note If download won’t start; you need to allow pop-ups from site

then click Print MOFA again

You will be prompted to save the exported Excel file

In Virgo Offline open the same group, select all Mutamers in the group

From Import menu choose Import from Tawaf then select Import Group from MOFA File

Select the contract and browse the MOFA file that already downloaded then click Import.

There will be confirmation message box

“Import Done”

And group be imported successfully as shown

Note: In case there is a problem in Excel file fields please follow these steps

In windows click (Start > Control Panel)

Choose (Clock, Language, and Region)

Choose Region

Click Additional settings…

Put in List Separator box comma “,” and click OK to save this setting