Import group from GAMA

Import Group from Gama                                        


There are two methods to import group from Gama Gaboul Ya Hajj UASP

Method 1 – Import group directly by Group ID No

Log in to Gama website and choose the group which you want to import to Virgo Offline

Enter to group card and make sure Gama contract is selected
Then choose import from Gama server from top import menu

Enter online Group ID No and press ok

The group will be imported as shown.

Note there will be a warning message to select Gama contract if another contract is selected

“Please choose Gama contract”

Method 2 – Import group by Gama offline program

run GAMA EUmra EA Offline

From File menu choose Import Group Data from Online Server

Enter Login ID, Password and Group Number then click on Import

Group data will be imported successfully

Select the Group that you want to export it and click on Export Selected Group to Microsoft Excel

Select the path where you want to save excel file and click ok

After saving Excel File, Open VirgoOffline program to import group data that was exported from Gama program

In Group Card Choose import from Gama offline excel from import top menu

Select Excel File then click open

There will be confirmation message box

“import done”

And group will import successfully as shown