Get MOFA from GAMA

Get MOFA from GAMA                          


Enter GAMA website

From menu Manage Groups & MOFA select Group Management

Then choose MOFA Released and click on the icon under the show list

Check Group No

In Virgo Offline open the same group, select all Mutamers in the group then click Import MOFA

Import window will show where you can browse for the Excel exported file

Select GAMA template

Columns are (Passport Number = K, MOFA = Q, Border Number or (Entry No) =P)

These columns can be verified in the EXCEL file

After making sure that columns choices are correct according to the file, Click Import

MOFA will appear in column MOFA in the group as shown

Note If MOFA numbers aren’t displayed, click Refresh

Note you must have Microsoft EXCEL installed

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